Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Request Lines Are Now Open!

Last year, I turned the month of November over to you guys to pick which bands/artists you most wanted to see featured in our NW4NW posts.  All Request Month turned out to be a pretty popular idea, so I figured why not do it again this year?


November will once again be "All Request Month" in the NW4NW series. Beginning next Monday, November 1, and continuing through Monday, December 1, I will be posting NW4NW entries about the artists YOU ask for! Please post your requests in the comments section below - tell me the artist you want to request, a specific song if you like, and a screen name I can use in the post to credit you for your suggestion.  Or, if you like, you can make your request over on our Facebook Fanpage, or on our TwitterPage.

So, I turn it over to you guys - for the month of November, New Wave for the New Week is in your hands! And, just as last year, if the response is as great, you won't be getting just one NW4NW entry per week - I'll post one every day if have to to meet the demand!

Below is a full list of every band/artist that has been featured since the NW4NW series began in March of '09, so that you can see if the band you want has already been featured.  Only one band has ever been repeated.

I'm looking forward to your requests, and will fill them on a first-come, first served basis. Ready? GO!

999 Joe "King" Carrasco The Rockats
A Tribe of Toffs Josie Cotton The Saints
The B-52's Killing Joke The Slits
Bad Brains Klark Kent Slow Children
Belfegore Lene Lovich Specimen
Blancmange Malcolm McLaren Split Enz
Blotto Marilyn The Stranglers
Bruce Woolley & the Camera Club Maurice & the Clichés Strawberry Switchblade
Burning Sensations Medium Medium The Surf Punks
Catholic Girls The Members Swell Maps
Classix Nouveaux Mental As Anything Swingers
Cristina The Mo-Dettes The Teardrop Explodes
The dB's The Monochrome Set The Three O'Clock
Devo The Nails Throwing Muses
The Diodes New Musik Tom Waits
Divinyls Nick Cave Torch Song
EBN-OZN The Nits The Tubes
Flash & the Pan Oingo Boingo Tuxedomoon
Foetus Paul Collins/The Nerves UK Subs
Freur Pixies Undertones/Pogues
Fuzzbox Plasmatics Virgin Prunes
Holly & the Italians Plastic Bertrand Wall of Voodoo
Horizontal Brian Plastics (2) Willy DeVille/Mink DeVille
Human League Polyrock X
Icehouse Pressure Boys X-Ray Spex
Inca Babies Protex XTC
Insect Surfers Pylon X-Teens
The Jags The Quick Yello
Jim Carroll Rich Kids The Zeros


  1. Just a few old faves:
    After the Fire
    Adam & the Ants
    The Buggles
    The Clash (!!!!!!!)
    Aztec Camera
    Boomtown Rats
    The English Beat
    Ian Dury (Hit me with your rhythm stick!)
    Gang of Four

    and the list goes on.

  2. Howabout-

    Minor Threat
    Butthole Surfers
    Dinosaur Jr.
    The Radiators
    Sonic Youth!!!!!!!!!!!!
    or Bauhaus??

    - Bryan, this is Tom R. by the way..haha

  3. Great suggestions all, Tom & Ken - thank you! Keep 'em coming, folks!

  4. A few classics:
    Translator (Shark attack and Everywhere that I'm not)
    M (pop music)
    XTC (Rocket from a bottle, No Thuggs)
    Minute Men
    Fire Hose
    Lene Lovich
    Pearl Harbor and the Explosions (Drivin)
    Jo Boxers (Lucky)
    The Specials (nightclub, enjoy yourself)
    V-Femmes(Breaking Hearts)
    Adam and the Ants (Ranchero, Ant Music)
    Talking Heads (Who is it?)

  5. Elvis Costello
    Joe Jackson
    Shonen Knife
    Richard Hell and the Voivoids

  6. Some of my picks:

    The Mekons
    Tubeway Army
    The Teardrop Explodes
    The Ruts

    I second XTC and The Buggles.

  7. Gene Loves Jezebel!

  8. I second Gene Loves Jezebel if only because I haven't heard them in a loooong time.

  9. Okay here I go.
    INXS, The Jam,Pretenders and Squeeze!

  10. More excellent choices! Wondering how I've missed some of these so far...

  11. I'd like to know your top 10, or top 20, band picks with female leads.