Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Making Use of This Newfangled Internet Thing

Are you an avid follower of this here li'l ol' blog?

Do you enjoy reading my musings, opinions, and occasional rants?

Are you on Facebook and/or Twitter?

That's What I Was Going To Say now has an official Facebook fan page, and an official Twitter account! Fan TWIWGTS on Facebook and follow @TWIWGTS on Twitter, and always be in the know when new posts go up. Also, there are plans in the works for some Facebook-specific and Twitter-specific content, contests, fun and games. Why, it'll be like being in a special club!

Who wants to help build the clubhouse?

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Back in My Day, We Liked Our Punk Rockers Vile and Our News Reporters Condescending!

Saw this online this morning and had to share. I remember seeing the news reports as an 11-year-old kid about the "invasion" of those nasty, evil punk rockers from Great Britain. Why, Johnny Rotten and Sid Vicious were taking us to hell in a handbasket, they were!

Travel back to January of 1978, when NBC's news reporting was, well, about as balanced and accurate as it is today...

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