Thursday, November 19, 2009

New Wave for the New Week #41

[All throughout the month of November, all NW4NW entries are based on requests made by you, dear readers. Because of the amount of requests received, there will often be more than one entry per week during this month - I recommend signing up for email alerts on the left-hand side of the screen so that you don't miss any of the fun!]

NW4NW All Request Month continues with our first "repeat performance." When Tom Quinn submitted his request for The Plastics, I replied that it was a fantastic choice! So good of a choice, in fact, that I had already done an entry on them - in fact, they were the very first entry in the series! So, I gave Tom the choice - either he could pick another band, or we'd make them not only the first band covered in the series, but also the first band repeated in the series.

"Go ahead and replay the Plastics." Tom wrote. "They are worthy."

Indeed they are, Tom. Indeed they are! No need to rewrite background info - you can read the original post here, or check out their MySpace page . Instead, here's a variety of Plastics clips to enjoy, including "Copy," "Good," and "Peace":

Now then, didn't they make you smile? Thanks, Tom, for a great request!

(By the way, Tom makes some music himself, as one half of The Mud Pie Sun. Check out their site and their music, especially their cover of X-Ray Spex's classic "Germ Free Adolescents" - great stuff!)

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