Sunday, March 28, 2010

The 8 Ways a Batter Can Reach First Base

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Getting on base is key in helping your team win ball games. After all, runs cannot be batted in unless someone gets on base! According to the rules of Major League Baseball, there are exactly 8 ways a batter can reach first base. Can you list them all?

In case you're stumped, here they are:

1. Hit
2. Walk
3. Hit by Pitch
4. Fielder's Choice
5. Reached on Error
6. Dropped Third Strike
7. Catcher's Interference
8. Fielder's Interference

Now, you will find people who argue additional ways exist, but they are almost always variations of one of the 8 listed above. For example, yes, a batter can reach first on a wild pitch with 3 balls already in the count, but folks, that's still a walk, covered in #2.

And for you wise-acres who want to add "Being inserted as a pinch-runner," clever but wrong. The list is ways a batter can reach first, and a pinch-runner ain't a batter!

There also happen to be exactly 8 days until Opening Day 2010...can't wait!

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