Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Dragon Speaks

at about seven for 700 and turn her over
half past time for Aurora
ramp her call her and there
call you up for 10 at half

I want to buy the caravan embroiderer
cook for seven
okay to pick up anything
tough time at the author

her -- a red hot health care
for art work
for her to have better
but I'll call that number

I am bored on our route
I'll want to order them by Deville
they're going on how to help

are you meeting and English on our international?
shortly for me and getting audio online
and remind you that how you're doing today
for the "love you baby, thank you please"

do you want to talk?
where are you?
thank you again
for picking up the headlight for my life right then

the resolution on the situation
is not authorized to think again
in the ongoing thinking-plague
equal for the energy and that very picky country

I'll hunger for others unaccounted for
and get by in local time near lakeview
because you can get dissected
having called the doctor