Monday, June 21, 2010

New Wave for the New Week #71

Just a short entry this week - busy world means writing time has been reduced. But, since today is officially the first day of summer, I chose a bit of classic summer-y New-Wavy fun to celebrate with.

Blotto came out of Albany, NY circa 1978, playing a goofy mix of demented humor, twangy surf guitar and reedy keyboards that fit right in with the New Wave aesthetic. Unlike most who tread the novelty song waters, Blotto's lyrics didn't always go for the obvious joke, choosing instead the sly references that sometimes took a few listens to catch. Their visual presentation was certainly over the top, though, which made the band perfect for the new music video landscape. In fact, this week's NW4NW video was played on MTV's very first day on the air, and became a favorite for the first few years of the channel's existence.

So, celebrate the summer with Blotto and their poolside classic, "I Wanna Be A Lifeguard!"

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