Monday, October 26, 2009

Now Taking Requests...

Over on Twitter (where you can follow me at @berutt, if you like), I was recently given a handful of suggestions for future New Wave for the New Week entries. Some band names that were tossed around I have already written up and are sitting in my drafts folder as we speak, but others were mentioned that made me say "Great suggestion!"

I've decided to expand a bit upon that Twitter conversation. November will be "All Request Month" in the NW4NW series. Beginning next Monday, November 2, and continuing through Monday, November 30, I will be posting NW4NW entries about the artists YOU ask for! Please post your requests in the comments section below - tell me the artist you want to request, a specific song if you like, and a screen name I can use in the post to credit you for your suggestion.

You can review all of the past NW4NW entries here.

So, I turn it over to you guys - for the month of November, New Wave for the New Week is in your hands! November has five Mondays, but if response is strong enough, I will consider doing additional NW4NW posts throughout each week.


  1. Michael - just post your request right here in the comments.

  2. Okay, Bryan, you should know I couldn't leave this alone. After much thought, my recommendation for you would be The Virgin Prunes. How often have you and I commented that kids these days have NO IDEA what gothic is until they've experienced these guys? While I don't know that anything exists in regards to actual videos, I know there's a lot of disturbing live clips out there on YouTube...

  3. Bryan. How about some 80's 4AD artists?

    The Pixies - Levitate Me/Cactus/River Euphrates
    Throwing Muses - Hate My Way/America/Rabbit's Dying

    ...or from their ashes the Breeders and Belly...