Wednesday, September 9, 2009

999 On 9/9/09

Seems today is one of those funky dates that everyone gets all excited about because "this only ever happens once in lifetime!" or some such nonsense. In this case, It's 9/9/09. Nine-Nine-Nine. Hey - that could be the name of a band!

In fact, it is! And what better way, then, to celebrate this once-a-century date than by listening to 999?

I featured 999 and their video clip for "Emergency" early in the New Wave for the New Week series here. Bop on over to that post to read about the band and hear that song, then come on back here and feast your ears on a grab-bag of some of my favorite 999 tracks, including the very similar clip for "Homicide".

Happy 9/9/09!

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