Friday, August 28, 2009

Sites You Must Bookmark, Volume 2

There are three things that I am very proud of the fact that I have never done:

I've never drank a Snapple Beverage. Something about calling it "Snapple" that just makes me say "No thanks."

I've never seen a Jackie Chan movie. Look, I have unhappily been forced to sit through movies involving Pauly Shore, Adam Sandler, Jack Black, Jean Claude Van Damme, and Steven Seagal. All either inanely stupid un-funny people trying desperately to be funny or blockheadedly untalented "action heroes" trying desperately to act; in no cases have either group seen success. I'm not about to subject myself to a hybrid of such stupidity!

And the one that seems most polarizing among the folks I share it with: I never have, and never will, set foot inside a Wal-Mart. A quick bit of Googling on your part will lay out the evils of this soul-sucking corporation much more effectively than I can in a brief paragraph here, but that philosophical issue is not my only reason. There is a wonderful site out there sums up in hilarious fashion another of my reasons for refusing to patronize the establishment.

One friend of mine who does, on occasion, enter the Wal-Mart netherworld, has said that you see people in Wal-Mart who you see nowhere else in your community. "Where do they come from? Where have they been hiding?" he asks. People of Wal-Mart is a collection of photos, both culled by the site's creators and submitted by readers, of those people in their natural habitat, with appropriate - and gut-achingly hysterical - captions.

Do yourself a favor and bookmark this one right away. You'll either be laughing hysterically or shaking your head in utter disbelief. Or, like me, a little of both!

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  1. Very sad, but all too true. Unfortunately , the cause is more virulent than we dare imagine - you can find them eveyrwhere. The efforts to control them by giving them their own "space" (Wal-Mart, Target,IHOP, Friendlys, etc.) has worked against us becuase they are breeding ever faster. There sre now even reports of spontaneous ignorizings, where people who seemed to be perfectly normal suddenly cut mulletts,
    rip the sleeves off their t-shirts, get rude tatoos, grow beer guts and spend their life savings on used plastic items, Beware Night of the Living What-The-Hells!!