Sunday, August 9, 2009

Helping Out on a Local Level

We all rely on our local firefighters, police, EMTs, etc., to be there if and when we are faced with emergency. How often are we there for them when they are in need of assistance that we might be in a position to offer?

Daniel Klotz, Social Media Strategist at PA-based website company YDOP ("Your Dream, Our Project"), co-host of the Lancaster-based Beards Over Babies podcast, and fellow blogger, has launched a campaign to do just that. His simple challenge to his fellow Lancastrians is to find 130 people who are each willing to join him in donating $10 a piece to help buy some new weight-training equipment for the 28 professional firefighters who work out of Fire Station 1 at 425 West King Street here in Lancaster.

In his most recent blog entry, Klotz explains the impetus for this campaign:

"Brent Colflesh of NxtBook Media sometimes works out at a commercial gym during his lunch breaks with some firefighters from Fire Station 1 in Lancaster city, and he told me about a crummy situation:

If you’re a volunteer firefighter, most gyms will give you a free membership. If you’re a professional firefighter, most gyms will not.

That stinks. What’s more, the firefighters of Station 1 work shifts of 10 to 14 hours at a time. They practically live out of the station. When they’re there, they can’t leave except on a call."

I know that I am fortunate to have readers from all over, but I also know that a large segment of my readership is local. It is you local readers whom I ask to seriously consider donating what you can to help out. Your donations will go towards the purchase of training equipment customized for the firehouse, pictured below:

You can read more at Daniel's blog here, or donate securely using either PayPal or credit card through the widget provided below.

Thanks for helping out on this very worthwhile local cause.

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