Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Great Egg Debate

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Easter is just about three weeks away, but over on my Facebook page I seem to have struck a nerve with a simple question I posed about Easter candy - or, more specifically, about candy Easter eggs:

"Which are better - Cadbury Eggs or Reeses Peanut Butter Eggs?"

Should be a simple enough question, right? Wrong!

So far, the responses have been varied and passionate, and few will answer the question directly, opting instead to cast write-in ballots for another option!

First came the sub-debate regarding homemade peanut butter eggs. While the general consensus is that homemade are the very best (one person even going so far as to declare that to compare Reeses OR Cadbury to homemade would be utterly unfair), a question was raised as to whether homemade should be considered an option for this discussion as the extent of my culinary abilities was an unknown factor. Not to worry; the homemade-egg faction promised delivery of homemade eggs if my skills fell short of the mark.

(BTW, I happen to be a pretty good cook, having worked in restaurant kitchens for many years in my 20s, although by my own admission desserts are not a strong point in my culinary skillset.)

Other write-in candidates so far have been peanut butter eggs bought at a farmer's market, Cadbury's Mini-Eggs and those candy "robins eggs".

I myself muddied the waters a bit by noting that the argument was really moot, because when it comes to Easter candy all others are trumped by white chocolate bunnies - now that's REALLY going off the board for an answer!

Of the initial choices, Reeses seems to be favored. Cadbury has been making a recent surge, though, and as comments continue to be added, the race between the two main contenders is tightening.

And so I bring the debate to you, my readers. Please cast your vote in the following poll, and make your arguments or provide your supporting evidence in the comments, and we will, over the next three weeks, definitively answer the question as to the best Easter eggs in the world!

Which are the best Easter eggs?
Cadbury Eggs
Reeses Peanut Butter Eggs
homemade peanut butter eggs
Farmer's Market peanut butter eggs
Cadbury Mini-Eggs
candy robin's eggs
Doesn't matter - white chocolate bunnies beat them all
Other (describe your choice in the comments) free polls

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  1. as noted on MY blog - I have a serious love for Reeses PB Eggs - nuff said ;)