Tuesday, February 3, 2009

This is the "New Washington"?

So, President Obama has been in office all of 15 days. Wonder how he's liking the job so far?

Today saw two more nominees for important positions on Obama's team bow out due to tax payment issues: Senator Tom Daschle, nominated for Health and Human Services Secretary, and Nancy Killefer, nominated for Chief Performance Officer, both voluntarily removed their names for consideration for those respective positions due to the fact that each has failed to pay taxes in the past. These withdrawals are of course happening shortly after news broke about Treasury Secretary nominee Tim Geithner's extensive unpaid tax debt.

Psst...Mr. President...you may want to amend your vetting process for future appointees to include the question, "Have you paid your taxes?"

Couple these withdrawals with President Obama's half-brother, George Obama, being arrested on drug charges over the weekend, and it's a fair assessment to say that this has not been the best weekend the new Prez could have asked for. (By the way, what is it with Democratic presidents and their siblings? Should George Obama's "incident" be a surprise after the country has been subjected to Roger Clinton and Billy Carter?)

All during his campaign, Obama told us that it would not be business as usual once he got to Washington, that he would hit the ground running and we would start to see immediate change. So, someone wanna explain to me how this is not typical Washington political embarrassment?

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  1. tho I didn't vote for him,I do feel just a tiny bit sorry for him - I'm sure he wanted to hit the ground running and 'other people' seem to be getting in the way of that. Even my 5th grader knows that you have to pay your taxes and certainly anyone with political aspirations should know that they put you under a microscope before you are approved - DUH!!!