Monday, February 16, 2009

Songlist for Every Album Ever Recorded

Saw this on and had to share. Go ahead, pull out any CD from your collection - you'll find this is pretty much on the money! (And the big corporate labels wonder why sales plummet? We're onto the game!)


  1. As a musician, I feel like your reading the mind of every marketing madman that has ever rammed through a creative project to monetize it. The Brutal 6-minute Genre Experiment is right on the money. I've done it, too.
    Kent Courtney

  2. I also thought songs 8 - 11 being labeled "The Numbness" was spot-on! And don't feel bad -- everyone has done the Brutal 6-Minute Genre Experiment, even the Beatles ("Revolution #9" anyone?).

    Just to clarify, the cartoon isn't mine - sharing it from Your comment reads like you are complimenting me for reading the marketing geniuses' minds. Please, jump to their site and pass along your praises to the artist!