Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ya Gotta Believe! Steve LeVeille is Coming Home!

For those who fear their voices are never heard; for those who wonder, "What can I, as one person, do to affect my world?"; for those who love local AM overnight talk radio; for all of you, I am pleased to pass along some fantastic news:

WBZ 1030AM in Boston heard us! Steve LeVeille will be back on the air!

The news was announced today that LeVeille and Lovell Dyett with both be returning to the Boston airwaves this weekend, with Dyett's return in the Sunday morning 4:30-5:00AM slot, and LeVeille returning Monday night in his old midnight-5:00AM slot!

If you are unable to tune into WBZ over the airwaves, the station provides live streaming audio over their website, www.WBZ1030.com!

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  1. steve seems like a nice guy but he doesnt prepare for his shows,thats why hes always calling for open phones light so he can talk about max the cat and fluff recipes. please steve do your homework this time.

    thank you

  2. I have to say, I disagree strongly with your premise. It is those very types of homespun conversations that makes Steve's show so special. It is that personality, that humanness, that is utterly lost in the canned, soulless talk radio "product" that the networks would prefer to subject us to.

    Go read my original post here: http://bryanrutt.blogspot.com/2009/01/boston-radio-great-steve-leveille-taken.html. What you're reading as unpreparedness is the heart and soul of what makes local overnight talk the precious commodity that it is, and is exactly why so many voices were raised in protest when Steve was laid off originally!

  3. "Homespun" is a perfect way to describe Steve's show. What great news today! I am thrilled he's coming back.

    And I don't care what anyone says, I loved hearing about Max & I'll be happy to hear about what he's been up to! (I no longer have a cat so... maybe that's why)

    Hey, we're expecting snow tomorrow and I forgot to buy Fluff. ;)

  4. Got my jar of Fluff, the Jif and the Wonder Bread to make proper fluffer-nutters...let the snow fall!