Saturday, January 17, 2009

LeVeille Update

First of all, thank you to those of you who commented on the post I wrote last week regarding Steve LeVeille being taken off the air. I am so pleased to hear other voices joining the chorus asking for his return. Please, keep the comments coming!

That post has generated a tremendous amount of traffic for this blog, in large part because of two sites which linked to it: The Boston Radio Blog and both picked up the post and brought quite a few new readers my way. A huge thank you to those who linked, and a warm welcome to those who stopped by to take a look. I do hope you'll stay and become regulars!

While there hasn't been anything to report regarding Steve LeVeille's status, the Boston Globe is reporting that Lovell Dyett, another former WBZ on-air personality who was summarily laid off in similar fashion and at the same time as LeVeille, has been meeting with WBZ management to discuss a return to the air. Could this be the first sign that WBZ is realizing the tremendous mistake they've made by selling the station's soul to the CBS Network? Keep fingers crossed!

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