Friday, December 26, 2008

Eartha Kitt 1/17/27 - 12/25/08

The world lost a great entertainer on Christmas Day. Eartha Kitt passed away at the age of 81 yesterday after a battle with colon cancer.

With a distinctive voice that made her instantly recognizable, Kitt made her motion-picture debut in 1948 and continued performing on a regular basis up through her stage show earlier this year - six decades!

Kitt was well-known for the holiday hit "Santa Baby", and was the best of the three actresses (Lee Merriweather and Julie Newmar being the other two) to portray Catwoman to Adam West's Batman in the '60s. Oh, that growl!

The video below, with Kitt performing "I Want to Be Evil", is a prime example of her style and talent. She will be greatly missed.

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